Michael Harris Tutoring

Private Summer Tutoring
In the comfort of your home - Grades 1-6

Is your child struggling in school?  Are you tired of endless battles with homework every night?  Then, you might want to consider private tutoring with a certified teacher. 

Hi.  My name is Michael Harris and I've been teaching and tutoring elementary and middle school students for over 18 years.  I can pinpoint the areas that your child is having difficulties in and work with your child until that skill has been mastered.  I have many satisfied clients over the years and references are available upon request.  

The Problem With "Tutoring Centers"

Maybe you've considered one of those big "tutoring centers" around town.  The only problem is that, in many cases,  your child will not be working with the same teacher from lesson to lesson.  This makes it difficult for
the teacher to build rapport with your child to help enhance learning.  Plus, many of these places are overpriced and do not provide personalized service.   In fact, many of my clients have tried big tutoring centers before contacting me.

How I Can Help

I'll come to your home and give you a personalized assessment of your child.  Then, we'll talk about skills that he or she needs to master.  I'll recommend a program that your child will benefit from and set up a time to work with your child.  In most cases, we'll start working together twice a week until we can get your child back on track.  I'll give you a report on how your child is doing after every session and we'll talk about areas we need to work on next.  There are no contracts and you can cancel at anytime.  

What To Do Next

Just call or email me and we can discuss the specific needs of your child.  We'll set up a time for a consultation that is convenient for both of us.   I'll come to your home and give your child a few assessments to see what areas we need to master.  Then, I'll give you a report and a personalized plan that will help your child master those skills for a successful school year. 

Limited Spots Available
Call me to reserve your spot today.  I try to serve as many students as I can, but my schedule usually fills up fast and I only have a few spots available.

If interested, please call 960-1399, or email me at [email protected] and we'll discuss your child's needs.